NHERI Impact 2020


Since 2016, research engineers from around the country have employed NHERI’s NSF-funded shared-use testing facilities, simulation resources, and data management support to make the U.S. — and the world — safer in the face of natural disasters.

The NHERI Impact 2020 book highlights high-impact research projects enabled by facilities in the NHERI network.

Download the book from the DesignSafe Data Depot

Ramirez, Julio et al. Blain, Cheryl Ann; Bobet, Antonio; Browning, JoAnn; Edge, Billy; LaChance, Marti; Zuo, Delong (Eds.) (2020) “NHERI Impact 2020, Multi-hazard Research to Make a More Resilient Nation.” DesignSafe-CI.


Contact: Marti LaChance
Communications Manager