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The NHERI program exists to guide members of the natural hazards engineering community to experimental facilities researching the next great discovery in disaster resilience, something else, a third thing. etc... NHERI experimental facilities can provide access to and support using large-scale outdoor shake tables, a hurricane-scale wind tunnel, a tsunami wave basin, mobile shake platforms deployed into the field, on-site post-disaster reconnaissance equipment, disaster simulation capabilities, etc...

With the form below you can contact us about how to make use of NHERI facilities. The Network Coordination Office (NCO) manages the scheduling of projects within the NHERI network and will work with you to answer any questions, no matter where you are in the planning or preparation phase of your project. We can connect you with the appropriate facility for your area of research or evaluate your project for viability within the NHERI network.

NHERI staff understands some researchers may wish to keep details about their grants private during the early stages of planning and securing funding.  You can withhold details about your project from this form if you wish to communicate them directly with staff, but any information you are comfortable providing now will aid the process.

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Payload Projects

"Payload projects" are an opportunity to attach additional research to existing experiments in the facilities. These require careful coordination and planning with the experimental facility and the researchers leading the existing experiment. NHERI encourages the community to create payload projects whenever possible.


Grant Details

The NHERI program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), primarily as a resource for NSF research grants in the area of natural hazards engineering. This does not prevent other types of projects from using NHERI experimental facilities. Details about the funding status of your project will help determine the viability of your utilization of a NHERI facility. If you have already been awarded a grant for your research or have prepared a proposal, please provide details as appropriate.


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