NHERI Partnerships:
EUCENTRE Foundation on
Earthquake Engineering Research



The EUCENTRE Foundation, European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering of Pavia, Italy, (EUCENTRE) developed and constructed an array of experimental laboratories focused on seismic simulation of earthquake effects on full scale structures and non-structural elements, which include an high performance uniaxial shake table, a multiaxial shake table, a bearing tester system for real scale testing of isolation devices, a damper tester system for tests on dissipative devices and a system for hybrid simulation and pseudo static tests. The EUCENTRE experimental facilities were constructed in the period 2005-2017 and have performed several hundred of tests (www.eucentre.it)

Letter of Agreement

Purdue University on behalf of the NHERI-NCO Center and NHERI, and the EUCENTRE Foundation have agreed to cooperate in the implementation of joint research in earthquake engineering, utilizing and the experimental laboratories of EUCENTRE and NHERI facilities.

NHERI-EUCentre Letter of Agreement (PDF)

2nd NHERI and EUCENTRE Collaboration Meeting

Researchers and administrators from NHERI and EUCENTRE met September 12-13, 2019, in Pavia, Italy, for the second NHERI-EUCENTRE Collaboration Meeting. Topics included possible future projects for the collaboration, presentations on new post-event reconnaissance tools, and the outcome of recent hazards engineering research.


Planning Meeting of NHERI and EUCENTRE Collaborative Research on Earthquake Engineering

On July 10th 2018, the research collaboration on earthquake engineering between US and Italy got off the ground with the signing of the Letter of Agreement between Purdue University, on behalf of Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI), and the NHERI Network Coordination Office (NCO), and the EUCENTRE Foundation on earthquake engineering research using EUCENTRE and NHERI facilities. The first Planning Meeting was held on October 29th 2018 at the Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC to discuss the details of the new research collaboration. At this meeting participated leading researchers from both countries as well as representatives from government agencies to discuss in plenary and breakout sessions the plans for NHERI and EUCENTRE collaboration.