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Research Presentations  

First and foremost, the NHERI Graduate Student Council should be a place where graduate students can come to discuss their natural hazards research, get feedback, and form lasting friendships. The support system you build offers the chance to meet like-minded researchers, share your passions, and network for the future.


Each semester we hope to host two to three workshops that meet the needs of the GS Council membership. With your input and direction, we will create and facilitate workshops around the selected topics and mentors.

Leadership & Service  

Beginning in January 2022, we will elect our first leadership council. We hope you will consider running for president, vice president, secretary, social chair, and historian. Your leadership will make all the difference.


NHERI Graduate Student Council members who participate in at least three of the four council meetings between October 2021 and January 2022 will be eligible to apply for an NSF Travel Award (fully funded) to attend the NHERI Summer Institute in San Antonio, Texas, June 20-22, 2022. GS Council attendees will also pair with an early-career faculty mentor who will also attend. The NHERI Summer Institute introduces NHERI sites and resources and develops NSF proposal writing skills. The NHERI Science Plan Committee, Technology Transfer Committee, and Education and Outreach Committee offer important workshops to support your NSF proposal writing.

When possible, the NHERI Graduate Student Council will also fund travel and fees for other conferences, training, and events that allow you to connect in person with other council members, mentors, and the natural hazards community.

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