Research Opportunities with the UF NHERI Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
April 24-25, 2024 | 8:00am - 5:00pm ET

This in-person workshop (Gainesville, FL) will give prospective users the opportunity to learn about how they can initiate and engage in impactful wind hazard research through the experimental and user support resources provided by the University of Florida (UF) NHERI Experimental Facility (EF). The workshop will present research opportunities that are enabled by the unique simulation and measurement capabilities of the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at UF, with a focus on experimental resources that support high-throughput testing, cyber-physical testing, and simulation of non-synoptic flow conditions. The Flow Field Modulator, simultaneous 12-probe flow measurement system, automated roughness grid, and high-throughput test section will be highlighted and demonstrated. Participants will hear from guest speaker leaders in the simulation and modeling of wind hazards and have the opportunity to initiate proposal development activities one on one with UF NHERI PIs.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, April 25, with a introductory and networking dinner on the evening of Wednesday, April 24. The dinner is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.

Workshop Goals

  • Present in-depth information on the novel experimental capabilities provided by the UF NHERI Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel
  • Provide guidance and specific instruction for the competitive pursuit of NSF funding and initiate proposals that utilize the services provided by the UF NHERI EF
  • Provide details on user services from proposal development through project close‐out
  • Discuss the latest research in the simulation of non-synoptic wind, topographic effects, cyber-physical testing, and other research areas that utilize the EF’s unique experimental capabilities
  • Provide participants the opportunity to discuss project ideas and experimental methods individually through office hours
  • Facilitate networking with fellow researchers and potential collaborators

Travel Funding and Eligibility

Attendance is restricted to those who are or will be eligible to apply for NSF funding by the fall of 2024. The EF will provide travel funding (domestic airfare and up to two hotel nights) for all selected workshop participants.

Workshop Registration