Learning Best Practices in Disaster Research at NHERI CONVERGE

NHERI REU students explore the human factor in natural hazards research

Published on June 14, 2021


This summer, two NHERI REU students are spending ten weeks as virtual researchers at the at the NHERI CONVERGE facility, based at University of Colorado Boulder. They’ll be immersed in disaster research, a social sciences field that naturally crosses many disciplines.

Amina Meselhe is a senior civil engineering major at Louisiana State University. Kushnerniva is a freshman majoring in social science and environmental analysis at Scripps College.

The two will become familiar with best practices in social sciences research applied to natural hazards, including data collection techniques and protocols for working with human subjects. The students will study with researchers from NSF-funded Extreme Events Research groups, and they’ll discover how social science research ensures that human factors are addressed in natural hazards research.

The students will complete a research project that they will present in person at the NHERI REU Research Symposium in August 2021.

After a summer at the NHERI CONVERGE facility, our REU students will have a fundamental understanding of disaster research in the social sciences – and why working across disciplines is so vital for building holistically resilient communities.

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Niva Laurent, Scripps College
Amina Meselhe, Louisiana State University