Mini-Conference and Interdisciplinary Research Challenge from the NHERI GSC

Published on April 3, 2023


Taylor Heath, chair of research in the GSC and conference organizer

The NHERI Graduate Student Council is pleased to host its first Mini-Conference and Collaborative Research Challenge on May 26th. The event is organized by the Chair and Vice-Chair of Research, Taylor Heath and Rakesh Salunke, and Chair and Vice-Chair of Workshops and Mentoring, Jasmine Bekkaye and Olaniyi Afolayan.

Collaboration is a key goal for the GSC, and the organizers are excited to see such interest in collaborative work among members, a diverse mix of engineers and social scientists. Nineteen participants from differing academic specialties were grouped randomly — to ensure a range of methodological and natural hazard backgrounds — into five interdisciplinary groups for the Collaborative Research Challenge. These groups will present their preliminary findings at the GSC's first Mini-Conference along with other graduate students who will present their natural hazard research via poster and panel presentations.

"We wanted the Research Challenge to help our members meet different people, connect with different people, collaborate with different people,” says Taylor Heath, chair of research in the GSC and conference organizer. "It is a guided, built-in process where you are developing something that, by the end, will be of a presentable and publishable quality."

While the Collaborative Research Challenge groups have been formed and Mini-Conference submissions are closed, the NHERI GSC Mini-Conference Organizing Committee invites you to register to attend the event virtually on Friday, May 26th. Register here