Education & Community
Outreach (ECO)


The NHERI ECO Committee is composed of representatives from all of the NHERI Awardees. The roles of the ECO Committee include strategically planning and executing the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program and the NHERI Summer Institute, collecting and disseminating research and education in progress to the larger natural hazards community, and providing connections between research and education to K-12, community college, and practicing communities.

Raising Community Awareness

The primary mission of the ECO group is to raise awareness of the NHERI program within the hazard research community and foster participation in NHERI among researchers, faculty, students, K-12 educators, and professionals in the various engineering and scientific fields affiliated with natural hazards.  This outreach is accomplished through the efforts of the ECO Committee and the various programs administered by the ECO group.

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

The NHERI Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Summer Program hosts 2-3 students at the ten NHERI experimental, cyber, and simulation sites.  Undergraduate students conduct research during the 10-week program.  The ECO Committee oversees this program and provides valuable input to the design and implementation of the NHERI REU Summer Program.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program Page

The Summer Institute

The NHERI Summer Institute brings together early career faculty, graduate students, and K-12 educators for an intensive, hands-on workshop to learn about the NHERI resources and develop new ones in research, practice, and education.  One focus of the annual event is to give early career faculty and graduate students information about writing a research grant proposal to help utilize the NHERI network facilities. NHERI experimental facility PIs meet with participants to discuss their proposals and exchange knowledge to help strengthen research projects and maximize the use of the various natural hazards engineering resources.  The Summer Institute is held during the summer at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Summer Institute Workshop Page

Partnering with Other Communities

The ECO group strives to help NHERI build partnerships with other organizations and research programs within natural hazards fields.  Building strong bonds with affiliated programs will spread outreach even further into new areas and expand the NHERI community.  New avenues for collaboration will strengthen the NHERI program and widen the opportunities of all within the natural hazards research world.

ECO Committee Meeting Minutes

Approved minutes from ECO Committee meetings are posted here for the NHERI community to review.






Contacting Us

Community members are welcome to email the ECO team with any comments, suggestions, or concerns about the outreach efforts of the NHERI program.  Interested organizations or research programs who wish to partner with NHERI for outreach between our collective communities are also invited to reach out with this address:


ECO Committee Membership

The NHERI ECO Committee members are selected from each NHERI Awardee site. Members serve for at least two years with a one-year transitional period.  Appointed members can substitute at ECO Committee meetings when the NHERI ECO Committee member cannot attend. All ECO Committee members participate in the selection of REU and Summer Institute participants.

ECO Committee Administrators

JoAnn Browning (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Karina I. Vielma (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Robin Nelson (University of Texas at San Antonio)

ECO Committee Awardee Representatives

Ross Boulanger (University of California – Davis)

Scott Brandenberg (UCLA)

Trevor Carey (University of California – Davis)

Mary E. Carrillo (University of California – Davis)

Lindsay J. Carroll (Oregon State University)

Arindam Chowdhury (Florida International University)

Patricia Clayton (University of Texas – Austin)

Joel Conte (University of California – San Diego)

Dan Cox (Oregon State University)

Charlie Dey (University of Texas – Austin)

Amal Elawady (Florida International University)

Candace Evans (University of Colorado Boulder)

Rosalia Gomez (University of Texas – Austin) 

Kurtis Gurley (University of Florida)

Chad Kusko (Lehigh University)

Pedro Lomonaco (Oregon State University)

Laura Lowes (University of Washington)

Jamie Ellen Padgett (Rice University)

Erik Salna (Florida International University)

Matt Schoettler (University of California – Berkeley)

Sumeet Sinha (University of California – Davis)

Lelli Van Den Einde (University of California – San Diego)

Melissa Villareal (University of Colorado Boulder)

Joseph Wartman (University of Washington)

Ioannis Zisis (Florida International University)

User Forum Representatives

Victoria Johnson (United States Naval Academy)

Stephanie Pilkington (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)