NHERI's Network Independent Advisory Committee, NIAC, Meets in San Diego

Published on June 7, 2023


NHERI’s Network Independent Advisory Committee, NIAC, met at the NHERI UCSD facility on May 22-23. The group toured the recently upgraded LHPOST6 shake table and witnessed 6 different tests of the Tallwood project. While on-site, the committee also held meetings with 6 NHERI facilities, including the NCO, and held an executive session in preparation to writing its annual report to the NCO and the NHERI network.

Read about the NIAC and find its annual reports on the NIAC page.

From left: NHERI at UCSD PI Joel Conte, and NIAC members Glen Rix, Carol Shield, Lesley Ewing, Bill Hansmire, Catherine Petroff, John van de Lindt, and NHERI NCO PI Julio Ramirez (Photo: Joel Conte)