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Numerical and Experimental Validation

Monitoring structural damage using CCTV data: a complete data lifecycle

Based on experience using vision-based methods to take displacement measurements in the lab environment, Dr. Philip Harvey saw the potential of using the ubiquitous CCTV data inside buildings for dynamic health monitoring and damage estimation during and after earthquakes. He knew that large-scale experiments such as those conducted at the shake table at the University of California San Diego are heavily instrumented with cameras and decided to explore this idea with the camera data available from the Building Nonstructural Components and Systems (BNCS) project published on DesignSafe (Hutchinson et al. 2012). Tapping into this wealth of un-explored data, he designed a methodology to extract dynamic pixel displacements and convert the pixel coordinates to physical coordinates in engineering units. These data were used to analyze the dynamic properties of the structure, and the derived values were validated with values measured in the shake table experiment (Harvey and Elisha 2018). The resulting dataset consisting of extracted pixel coordinates of natural features in the videos, and the power spectral densities for fundamental period estimation was published in DesignSafe Data Depot (Harvey 2022). In addition, to facilitate the reproducibility of the method, he republished the videos from the UCSD project that were used in the analysis.

Dr. Harvey is now an experienced data publisher, and while it took some time to get familiar with the Data Depot curation and publication pipeline, he now has incorporated data curation best practices and publishing into his research workflow. Publishing a dataset that reuses data from another study published in DesignSafe demonstrated a full data lifecycle and the transformative power and continuous impact of open data.

Publication Reusing Data:

Harvey, P. Scott, and Guy Elisha. “Vision-Based Vibration Monitoring Using Existing Cameras Installed within a Building.” Structural Control and Health Monitoring, vol. 25, no. 11, Nov. 2018, p. e2235.

Dataset Reused:

Hutchinson: Tara; Restrepo, Jose; Conte, Joel; Pantoli, Elide; Chen, Michelle; Wang, Xiang; Astroza, Rodrigo; Ebrahimian, Hamed, (2012), "Shake table testing of a five story building outfitted with NCSs (BNCS project)", DesignSafe-CI [publisher], doi: 10.4231/D38W38349 (opens a new window)

Reused Data Publication

Harvey, P. (2022) "Vision-based Vibration Monitoring Using Existing Cameras Installed Within a Building: Data Reuse Study from the BNCS Project", in System Identification using Surveillance Camera Videos. DesignSafe-CI. a new window) v1