Data Reuse Case Studies

Model Development

Statistical models for shear wave velocity profiles (Bahrampouri et al. 2019)

Field characterization datasets such as the subsurface geotechnical dataset from the DesignSafe project “Dynamic Characterization of Wellington, New Zealand" project (Cox and Vantassel 2018, can be exploited for a variety of purposes. Although the data collected by Cox and Vantassel (2018) was collected to understanding earthquake shaking in Wellington, New Zealand from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, Dr. Rodriguez-Marek and his colleagues at Virginia Tech used the data to represent the statistical uncertainty of the shear wave velocity (Vs) at a site for use in ground response analysis. In Bahrampouri et al. (2019), they calculated the statistical distribution of site amplification functions (AF) given the statistical distribution in Vs, and demonstrated that the resulting AF distribution is skewed. This finding has the potential to improve probabilistic seismic hazards analyses (PSHA) that include site response. Rodriguez-Marek and his colleagues were able to easily use the published data because it included not only the raw geophysical data, but also the processed results representing the range of Vs profiles.

Publication Reusing Data:

Bahrampouri, M., Rodriguez-Marek, A. and Shing Thum, T. (2019) “On the Distribution of Site Amplification Factors.” in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering for Protection and Development of Environment and Constructions, Silvestri & Moraci (Eds) Associazione Geotecnica Italiana, p. 1260-1264. Rome, Italy,

Dataset Reused:

Cox, B. and Vantassel, J. (2018) “Dynamic Characterization of Wellington, New Zealand”, DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset,