2020 User Satisfaction Survey, Member Elections

Published on June 15, 2020



The User Forum is a NHERI-wide group focused on providing the NHERI Council with independent advice on community user satisfaction, priorities, and needs relating to the use and capabilities of NHERI.

Members on the User Forum represent the scientific and engineering communities who use NHERI’s resources and services for research and/or educational purposes, but who are not directly affiliated with NHERI awardee institutions.

User Forum membership spans academia and industry, the full breadth of civil engineering disciplines, the social sciences, and widespread hazard expertise including earthquakes, windstorms, and water events.

As the community voice within the governance of NHERI, the User Forum is responsible for conducting the annual Community User Satisfaction survey for NHERI users and publish a subsequent Annual Community Report.

This year, users of the NHERI experimental facilities have received a survey link via email. The User Forum encourages users to complete the survey and forward the survey link to other NHERI users in their network, such as graduate students and co-PIs. Fill out the survey online here.

Past user satisfaction survey reports can be found on the User Forum page on DesignSafe. Measuring user satisfaction and providing this feedback to the NHERI Council is critical to supporting the long-term sustainability of NHERI and its mission as a multidisciplinary and multi-hazard network.


Member elections are also ongoing as member terms expire for three User Forum Committee Members. Our governing body represents your voice within NHERI, so thank you for casting your ballot to elect new members. We will announce our new leadership shortly.

The User Forum is grateful for outgoing leaders Elaina Sutley (past Chair and Secretary), Nina Stark (past Vice Chair), and Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos (Member) for their three years of service.

Elaina J. Sutley, Ph.D. (Chair)

University of Kansas

Specializes in design and retrofit of wood buildings subjected to natural hazards, including seismic, wind, and water events, as well as building portfolio analysis, housing recovery modeling, loss estimation, social vulnerability, and interdisciplinary science.


Nina Stark, Ph.D. (Vice Chair)

Virginia Tech

Specializes in coastal geotechnical engineering and sediment dynamics, including field instrumentation, sediment remobilization processes, beach erosion, beach trafficability, pore pressure evolution under ocean wave forcing, Arctic coastal erosion, remoe sensing, scour, and ocean renewable energy.


Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, Ph.D.

UC Berkeley

Specializes in soils mechanics and geotechnical earthquake engineering, including soil liquefaction, seismic slope stability, seismic response of levees and retaining structures, ground motion propogation characteristics due to pile-driving activities, and the impact of ground motion selection for dynamic analyses.