Facility Scheduling Dashboard

Centralized management for NSF-funded awards using NHERI

At any given time, dozens of research projects are underway at NHERI's eight Experimental Facilities. The Facility Scheduling Dashboard provides researchers with a centralized location for managing project experiments and offers a public view of the work underway at NHERI facilities.

The NHERI Network Coordination Office (NCO) oversees NHERI's centralized scheduling and will be rolling out phased updates to the Scheduling Dashboard.

Questions? Contact Dan Zehner, NCO Facility Scheduling and Operations Coordinator.


About the NHERI Network Coordination Office

The NCO's centralized facility oversight and coordination allows for fair and transparent use of these NSF-funded Experimental Facilities following a scheduling protocol developed in cooperation with facilities. The NHERI NCO developed and currently maintains the NHERI Facility Scheduling Dashboard as part of its administrative and governance roles within the NHERI network. The NHERI scheduling protocol is available here.