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2024 Mini-Conference

Join us for the upcoming virtual 2024 NHERI GSC Mini-Conference on Friday, May 31, 2024. This conference is free to register, and we invite all interested members to participate. Be a part of this exciting opportunity to engage with leading experts in the field. Don't miss out! Register now to secure your spot. Below is a link to the NHERI GSC Mini-Conference Registration:

2024 NHERI GSC Mini-Conference Registration

We are excited to announce that our keynote speaker will be Dr. Yasemin Didem Aktas from the University College Londen (UCL), Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering.


Our keynote speaker, Dr. Yasemin Didem Aktas, from the University College London (UCL), Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, will be delivering an enlightening talk on the EEFIT Mission, hybrid reconnaissance work, and examples from the reconnaissance missions, and to engage directly with our audience.

We are also providing an opportunity for attendees to submit questions about the topic. We encourage you to share questions here: https://bit.ly/2024NHERIGSC_KeynoteQuestions.

Program Information 

The NHERI Graduate Student Council is excited to announce our second annual NHERI GSC Mini-Conference.This fully virtual one-day conference brings together graduate students in the field of natural hazards to present original, multidisciplinary research. Accepted poster and paper presentations include novel approaches to methods, empirical research, and interdisciplinary work from graduate student researchers including geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, sociologists, demographers, computer scientists, and other disciplines. Attendees will also have opportunities to network and find potential collaborators during sessions.

The NHERI GSC Mini-Conference will run from 10:00 am-5:00 pm CT on Friday, May 31, 2024.

For a full schedule of events on the program, please click the link below.

Program (PDF)


Anyone is welcome to attend the NHERI GSC Mini-Conference, including NHERI GSC members, non-member graduate students, faculty, administrators, industry professionals, or others interested in hearing about innovative, multidisciplinary research in the natural hazards field.

All registrants will receive a link to attend the virtual mini-conference in mid-May following successful registration. We expect all attendees to be respectful and adhere to the NHERI GSC Statement of Inclusivity.

Contact Us 

For questions, please contact the NHERI GSC Organizing Committee.