NHERI Network Coordination Office

NHERI-wide ECO Committee

NHERI’s Network Coordination Office administers the NHERI-wide Education and Community Outreach Committee. This group is composed of representatives from all of the NHERI awardees.

The roles of this network-wide committee include strategically planning and executing NHERI’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program and the NHERI Summer Institute, collecting and disseminating research and education in progress to the larger natural hazards community, and providing connections between research and education to K-12, community college, and practicing communities.

Each awardee in the NHERI network also maintains its own ECO committee that governs education and outreach activities at that facility.

ECO Committee Membership

The NHERI-wide ECO Committee members are selected from each NHERI awardee site. Members serve for at least two years with a one-year transitional period. Appointed members can substitute at ECO Committee meetings when the NHERI ECO Committee member cannot attend. All ECO Committee members participate in the selection of REU and Summer Institute participants.

ECO Committee Administrators

JoAnn Browning (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Karina I. Vielma (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Robin Nelson (University of Texas at San Antonio)

ECO Committee Awardee Representatives

Karissa Alacron (University of California – Davis)

Ross Boulanger (University of California – Davis)

Cheryl Ann Blain (US Naval Research Laboratory)

Scott Brandenberg (UCLA)

Lindsay J. Carroll (Oregon State University)

Arindam Chowdhury (Florida International University)

Patricia Clayton (Wake Forest University)

Joel Conte (University of California – San Diego)

Dan Cox (Oregon State University)

Charlie Dey (University of Texas – Austin)

Amal Elawady (Florida International University)

Candace Evans (University of Colorado Boulder)

Rosalia Gomez (University of Texas – Austin) 

Kurtis Gurley (University of Florida)

Chad Kusko (Lehigh University)

Pedro Lomonaco (Oregon State University)

Laura Lowes (University of Washington)

Erik Salna (Florida International University)

Joe Saunders (Lehigh University)

Matt Schoettler (University of California – Berkeley)

Lelli Van Den Einde (University of California – San Diego)

Melissa Villareal (University of Colorado Boulder)

Joseph Wartman (University of Washington)

Ioannis Zisis (Florida International University)

User Forum Representatives

Sara Hamideh (Stony Brook University)

Stephanie Paal (Texas A&M University, College Station)

ECO Committee Meeting Minutes

Approved minutes from ECO Committee meetings are posted here for the NHERI community to review.