Natural Hazards Research Summit 2024

May 14–15, 2024   |   College Park, MD   |   #NatHazSummit24

Post-Summit Workshops

NHERI SimCenter is coordinating post-summit workshops to be held Thursday, May 16th. Register for the Post-Summit Workshops when you register for the Summit. Workshops will require an additional small registration fee and will be limited to 80 attendees, to be handled as an optional add-on at the time of Summit registration. Get workshop details here. NHERI encourages all Summit participants to attend the workshops if able.

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Workshop Tracks

  • Track 1 - quoFEM
  • Track 2 - Navigating the R2D Tool and BRAILS
  • Track 3 - Navigating WE-UQ and Hydro-UQ
  • Track 4 - Navigating EE-UQ and PBE Application