SimCenter Releases Two New Software Applications

Published on November 21, 2017


The NHERI SimCenter announces the release of two new learning applications for structural and geotechnical engineering. The Multiple-Degrees-of-Freedom (MDOF) Application is a new structural dynamics tool for educational purposes, and the Pile-Group Application is for geotechnical engineering applications.


The Multiple-Degrees-of-Freedom (MDOF) Application provides a dynamic interface to study the behavior of a stick-model building subjected to earthquake excitation. Intended users are students, researchers, and practicing engineers interested in exploring the fundamentals of structural dynamics through a hands-on, graphical tool. Users can interactively observe the building’s time history response to changes in the following:

  • floor weights
  • story properties
  • damping ratio
  • ground motion acceleration records (included)

Response results include:

  • time history response: floor displacements, story forces
  • nonlinear effects due to P-delta and soft-story mechanisms


The Pile-Group Application provides a dynamic interface to study the behavior of a pile or pile group in layered soil. Intended users are graduate students, researchers, and practicing engineers interested in soil-pile dynamics. Users can interactively observe the pile system’s response to changes in the following:

  • soil structure (up to 3 layers of variable thickness) and soil properties
  • position of the groundwater table
  • pile stiffness, embedment length, connection type to the pile cap
  • number of piles in the group (one to three piles)
  • the applied horizontal force at the cap (pushover analysis)

Response results include:

  • lateral displacement of all piles
  • moment and shear diagrams for each
  • vertical soil stresses
  • ultimate strength and stiffness parameters for the employed p-y springs


Download the apps. The SimCenter applications are available for both PC and Mac. The MDOF Application and video introduction can be downloaded from the SimCenter Learning Tool site: MDOF Application. The Pile-Group Application and video introduction also can be downloaded from our Learning Tool site: Pile Group Application.

About the NHERI SimCenter. The NHERI Computational Modeling and Simulation Center (SimCenter) provides researchers access to next-generation computational modeling and simulation software tools, user support, and educational materials needed to advance the capability to simulate the impact of natural hazards on structures, lifelines, and communities. The SimCenter’s cyberinfrastructure framework will allow collaborative simulations from various disciplines to be integrated while accounting for probabilistic uncertainties.


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