NHERI Network Coordination Office

International Partnerships

Connecting NHERI to the world of hazards research

To inform the broader global vision of earthquake, wind, and coastal inundation risk mitigation and to leverage the activities of NHERI, the NCO works to secure for NHERI partnership:

  • commitments from leading earthquake, wind, and coastal engineering organizations in Japan, Korea, China, and Europe for research collaboration;
  • access to facilities;
  • data exchanges; and
  • assessment of post-event damage to the civil infrastructure of critical importance to NHERI.

In addition to other US partners, the NCO also explores new collaborations with partners in Europe, Central and South America, and Asia on topics such as elaborating a research roadmap to promote collaboration of research infrastructures in multi-hazard engineering, post-disaster data collection, and new instrumentation and sensor techniques. We will collaborate to identify priority topics for transnational access to large-scale research infrastructures and recommend development of innovative technologies for efficient use of research infrastructures, including robotics and Real Time Hybrid Simulation.