NHERI Network Coordination Office

NCO Governance

Under the terms of the NSF cooperative agreements, NHERI will be governed by three bodies organized within the Network Coordination Office (NCO):  the NHERI Council, the Network Independent Advisory Committee (NIAC), and the User Forum.

NHERI Council

The Council is composed of all Principal Investigators (PIs) of each NHERI Awardee or a designated substitute member as chosen by each PI not present at Council meetings.  The roles of the council include provide a collective and coordinated leadership for steering the NHERI program through the development of policies and annual work plans. Learn more.

Network Independent Advisory Committee (NIAC)

The NIAC is composed of representatives from the broad scientific and engineering communities served by NHERI.  It's roles include providing independent guidance and advice to the NHERI Council and keeping the community informed of NHERI activities via the publication of an annual report. Learn more.

User Forum

The User Forum is composed of elected members from the community who will have the role of providing input to the Council on community satisfaction within the NHERI program and to raise awareness of the priorities and the needs of the community within the program. Learn more.

Governance Requirements

The governance requirements for NHERI are defined under the terms of the National Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure: Network Coordination Office cooperative agreement(opens a new window) with the National Science Foundation (NSF).


If you have any questions or suggestions about the governance of the NHERI program, the NCO would like to hear from you.  Please send a message to: nco-feedback@designsafe-ci.org

Other Working Groups

In additional to the three governance bodies of NHERI, several other committees and working groups exist for tackling the many responsiblities of the program.

NHERI-wide ECO Committee

Technology Transfer Committee (TTC)

NHERI 5-Year Science Plan Task Group