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NHERI REU Students Present Posters, Network at the Natural Hazards Workshop
posted 08-09-19
This summer, sixteen of the students working with the NHERI Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) had the chance to attend the 44th annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop in Broomfield, Colorado, to present posters on their research.

NHERI at the 2019 Natural Hazards Workshop and Researchers Meeting
posted 08-02-19
For 44 years, the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder has hosted the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop. This year, the meeting focused on the theme of Convergence, and staff from NHERI attended to make presentations about the program.

MECHS 2019: Research Agenda and Workshop Update
posted 07-29-19
The Multi-hazard Engineering Collaboratory on Hybrid Simulation (MECHS) virtual community recently held a joint workshop with ETH Zurich in Switzerland to discuss the agenda for bringing more hybrid simulation techniques to natural hazards research.

SimCenter Releases New Research Tool: WE-UQ
posted 07-15-19
The NHERI SimCenter has released a new tool to help researchers calculate the response, including uncertainty quantification, of a structure to wind loading, and the DesignSafe platform allows researchers to execute these simulations online through the website.

Postdoctoral Position Available: Software Development for Scientific Workflows
posted 07-12-19
UC Berkeley’s NHERI SimCenter has an immediate opening in software development for a postdoctoral researcher through the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure program.

After Ridgecrest Earthquakes, NSF-funded Researchers Spearhead Reconnaissance, Data Collection
posted 07-10-19
Natural hazards engineers and other researchers funded by the National Science Foundation through NHERI and other programs are responding to the recent Searles Valley M6.4 and M7.1 earthquakes in Southern California.

2019 NHERI REU Cohort from Rice University
posted 07-03-19
Rice University is hosting two civil engineering students this summer for the NHERI Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Both students will be working on projects to help hazard researchers process and analyze hurricane debris datasets.

2019 REU Students at the NHERI-FIU Wall of Wind Facility
posted 07-03-19
Following a successful first summer REU program in 2018, the NHERI Wall of Wind Experimental Facility is hosting three REU students at FIU this summer. Over ten weeks the students will be involved in a variety of projects inside a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at all levels.

2019 REU Cohort at the University of Texas, Austin
posted 06-28-19
The University of Texas in Austin is hosting four students for this summer's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, a ten-week internship placing students at NHERI facilities within natural hazards research teams from the community.

2019 NHERI REU Students at Lehigh University
posted 06-28-19
NHERI Lehigh is hosting three students this summer as part of NSF's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, which promotes education and research through internships in active research.

2019 REU Cohort at the NHERI UC San Diego Facility
posted 06-28-19
This summer, the NHERI@UC San Diego Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table facility is privileged to host five students as part of the NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program.

NHERI at the 44th Annual Natural Hazards Center Conference
posted 06-20-19
Members of the NHERI community will be presenting at the 44th annual Natural Hazards Center conference held July 14-18 in Broomfield, Colorado. The theme for this year is "Convergence."

Buildings that Withstand Tsunami Wave Inundation
posted 06-17-19
For World Oceans Day, NSF promoted one of the exciting projects underway at the NHERI OSU experimental facility testing the structural vulnerabilities of buildings in coastal areas that are prone to wave inundations from tsunamis.

SimCenter Welcomes 2019 Summer REUs
posted 06-17-19
The NHERI SimCenter is hosting four REU students at UC Berkeley this summer for an intensive ten-week internship where they complete independent research projects mentored by domain experts.

In Memoriam: Jon Peterka, 1941–2019
posted 06-14-19
Jon Peterka—honored wind engineer, emeritus professor of Colorado State University, and active figure within the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)—has passed away at the age of 77.

2019 Hurricane Season: NSF-Funded Natural Hazards Experts Available for Comment
posted 06-01-19
For the 2019 hurricane season, experts from the NSF-supported Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) are available to discuss hurricane-related topics.

New NSF-funded Wind Research Center Aims to Reduce Property Damage, Protect Communities
posted 05-22-19
NHERI wind researchers and facilities are part of a new, NSF-funded Industry–University Cooperative Research Center. The Wind Hazard and Infrastructure Performance Center (WHIP) is the first of its kind under the NSF IUCRC program.

SimCenter Collaborates on $4.9M PEER Research Project
posted 05-17-19
The NHERI SimCenter is a collaborator on a $4.9 million, 2.5-year research project led by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) and awarded by the California Energy Commission.

SimCenter's Deierlein Named ASCE Distinguished Member
posted 05-07-19
Greg Deierlein, co-director of the NHERI SimCenter, has been honored with inclusion in the American Society of Civil Engineer's 2019 class of Distinguished Members for major contributions to the field of structural engineering.

At NSF's Large Facility Worskhop, A New Focus on Communications
posted 05-06-19
At this year's meeting of the annual NSF Large Facility Workshop, a new track with a focus upon helping NSF projects building public awareness was launched for Education, Public Outreach (EPO), Branding and Communications.

StEER Launches Website, Membership Drive
posted 05-02-19
The Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance network (StEER) has recently launched its website full of information about the group's vision, event responses, products, and a formal invitation for members of the NHERI community and DesignSafe website to join StEER.

David Roueche Talks Tornadoes on NPR
posted 05-02-19
Auburn University engineering professor and StEER Associate Director for Data Standards David Roueche spoke with National Public Radio (NPR) about simple fixes that can help reduce the loss of life when tornadoes strike.

UC Davis Team Takes Part in Geotechnics Workshop in Osaka, Japan
posted 04-26-19
A crew from the Center for Geotechnical Modeling at UC Davis took part in the LEAP-ASIA 2019 workshop held in Osaka, Japan. The collaborative effort is a step forward for creating a database on DesignSafe of numerical models.

NHERI's International Workshop, March 2019
posted 04-26-19
At NHERI's spring international workshop, participants gathered in interdisciplinary teams, discussed disruptive technologies, and developed research campaigns to advance the NHERI 5-Year Science Plan.

User Forum Welcomes New Members and Officers for 2019
posted 03-22-19
The NHERI User Forum welcomes two new members to serve on the committee from the recent public election process and has internally elected new officers for 2019. The User Forum is composed of members from non-awardee institutions as an additional governance voice for the NHERI community.

New Report on Essential Simulations Advances Natural Hazards Mitigation
posted 03-14-19
The UC Berkeley-based NHERI SimCenter recently released a comprehensive report on simulation requirements and software tools for natural hazards engineering of the built environment.

NHERI Network Social Media Roster Now Online
posted 03-04-19
More and more of the NHERI experimental facilities are embracing social media! Find the roster on the DesignSafe website, under the NHERI Community menu.

Large Facilities Workshop in Austin, TX, April 2-4
posted 03-04-19
Mark your calendars for the annual NSF Large Facilities Workshop, this year sponsored by the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, NHERI, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center, TACC.

U.S. and Japan Collaborate on Shake Tests of Three-Level Housing
posted 03-04-19
The NHERI NCO sponsored a February 7-8 trip to Japan’s Earthquake Defense, or E-Defense, facility for the second meeting of the research collaboration between NHERI and NIED/E-Defense where U.S. attendees observed and participated in two large-scale tests on the E-Defense shake table.

Advancing the NHERI Science Plan
posted 03-01-19
On March 18-19, the NHERI network is hosting a special workshop in Alexandria, VA, to advance the NHERI Science Plan. A multidisciplinary, international group of invited experts will discuss ways to use traditional and disruptive technologies for building a more sustainable civil and social infrastructure.

SimCenter at 2019 USACM Conference
posted 02-18-19
Sanjay Govindjee of the NHERI SimCenter and graduate student Fei Ding participated at the recent USACM Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Solid and Structural Materials Modeling Workshop at Johns Hopkins University.

SimCenter at Two Upcoming Conferences – Plan to Attend!
posted 02-18-19
The NHERI SimCenter will participate in two conferences this summer. Plan to attend EMI 2019 or USNCCM 15 to hear how the SimCenter’s computational framework is being applied.

SimCenter Early Career Research Webinars – A Call for Candidates
posted 02-18-19
The NHERI SimCenter is seeking graduate students, postdocs, and early career faculty who would like to share their simulation-based natural hazard engineering research with their peers. Webinars are anticipated to be 45 minutes in length followed by 15-30 minutes of Q&A.

NHERI Researcher David Prevatt on the Phenomenon of Wind
posted 01-31-19
Wind researcher and University of Florida faculty member David Prevatt was recently interviewed by UF News about the challenges and future of building for wind resilience.

NHERI Researchers at E-Defense Japan, February 2019
posted 01-31-19
The NHERI NCO is sponsoring a February 7-8 trip to Japan’s E-Defense facility for the second meeting of the research collaboration between NHERI and NIED/E-Defense.

posted 01-22-19
Jake Dafni and Jeff Berman of the NHERI RAPID experimental facility appeared on Seattle's KOMO News for a story on how they are offering field equipment to natural hazards researchers.

Feb. 1 Deadline Nears for NHERI REU
posted 01-15-19
NHERI faculty and staff: now is the time to nudge promising undergraduates to apply for outstanding, NSF-funded summer research program in natural hazards engineering.

Lori Peek on DesignSafe Radio
posted 01-15-19
Find out what’s in store for NHERI’s new CONVERGE center, based at Colorado University Boulder. CONVERGE principal investigator Lori Peek appears on the latest episode of DesignSafe Radio podcast, hosted by Dan Zehner.

ASCE Honors for Jonathan Bray
posted 01-15-19
ASCE has honored NHERI researcher Jonathan D. Bray with the 2019 Karl Terzaghi Award for his effective leadership and contributions to the geotechnical engineering profession, and for following in the footsteps of Karl Terzaghi in expanding the state of the art of that profession.

Honors for Boulanger
posted 01-15-19
Ross Boulanger, director of the Center for Geotechnical Modeling at UC Davis, received the prestigious Indian Society of Earthquake Technology’s (ISET) Shamsher Prakash Prize for Excellence in Geotechnical Engineering.

NHERI-Lehigh Takes to Social Media
posted 01-15-19
Did you know? The Lehigh experimental facility is now sharing site updates and natural hazards info on Facebook and Twitter.

Spearheading Reconnaissance in Alaska
posted 12-13-18
The newly created Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (StEER) Network has collaborated with the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) to release a report on the November 30, 2018 Alaska Earthquake.

AGU Talk: Subharmonic Edge Wave Excitation
posted 12-12-18
Researchers, including Pedro Lomonaco of the NHERI Experimental Facility at Oregon State University, will describe large scale laboratory experiments of subharmonic edge wave excitation during at talk at the Fall 2018 AGU Meeting.

AGU Talk: Physical Modeling for Tsunamis Generated by Submarine Volcanoes
posted 12-12-18
At a December 12 AGU talk, a team of Georgia Tech researchers will present a novel volcanic tsunami generator to simulate submarine volcanic eruptions with varying initial submergence and kinematic properties.

Smart Morphing Façades for Adaptive Buildings under Wind Events
posted 12-10-18
A multi-disciplinary team of researchers from Iowa State University (ISU) and Kansas State University (KSU) received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a solution to decrease the losses associated with buildings under extreme wind events.

Center for Geotechnical Modeling EF Connects with Facebook
posted 12-10-18
Creating a Facebook group for your experimental facility is a simple and valuable way to generate interest in your research and increase engagement, and the Center for Geotechnical Modeling at UC Davis is leading by example.

Tsunami Reconnaissance Revealed at Fall 2018 AGU Conference
posted 12-04-18
At team of tsunami researchers from Georgia Tech will present at the 2018 Fall AGU meeting their findings on the September 2018 earthquake-and-tsunami which struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, killing over 2000 people.

Peek to Present CONVERGE at Fall AGU Conference
posted 12-04-18
At the fall meeting of AGU, principal investigator Lori Peek of University of Colorado-Boulder will discuss the newly created CONVERGE center for solving the toughest challenges of multi-disciplinary natural hazards research.

NHERI RAPID: State-of-the-Art Natural Hazards Research Equipment
posted 11-15-18
The Natural Hazards Reconnaissance Experimental Facility (NHERI RAPID) recently launched as the first facility of its kind to offer hazards researchers state-of-the-art field equipment to quickly deploy and gather valuable, perishable disaster scene data.

NSF Creates $3M CONVERGE Center to Augment Natural Hazards Research
posted 11-14-18
To enhance the diversity of research underway in natural hazards, the National Science Foundation recently created CONVERGE, a $3 million research center at the University of Colorado Boulder. The center is a resource for the 11-member, NSF-funded Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, known as NHERI.

In the News: FIU Experts Discuss Outdated Building Codes Post Hurricane Michael
posted 11-09-18
After Hurricane Michael, NBC Channel 6 reported on building code research underway at Florida International University’s Wall of Wind. Reporter Ari Odzer spoke with FIU's Laboratory for Wind Engineering Manager Walter Conklin.

New DesignSafe Tools for First Responders
posted 11-09-18
Working with first responders on the front-lines of Hurricane Harvey inspired DesignSafe developers to create the Reconnaissance Portal, a new tool key to enabling post-storm reconnaissance.

World's Largest Shake Table Receives $16.3 Million from NSF for Upgrades
posted 10-17-18
The world's largest outdoor earthquake simulator, operated by structural engineers at the University of California San Diego, has received a $16.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to upgrade the facility to expand its testing capabilities.

SimCenter Welcomes Dr. Gardner to the Development Team
posted 10-15-18
The NHERI SimCenter is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Michael Gardner to the software development team. He will focus on developing tools to incorporate stochastic loading as well as spatial variability in site conditions.

University of Florida Presents a Report on Hurricane Florence
posted 10-04-18
David O. Prevatt and the University of Florida Wind Hazard Damage Assessment Group recently produced a preliminary damage report that focuses on the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

MECHS Builds Hybrid Simulation Community Resource Library, Announces Special Issues
posted 10-01-18
The Multi-Hazard Engineering Collaboratory for Hybrid Simulations (MECHS) has been building a list of online resources for researchers at their website which includes a publication library, special journal issues, webinars, and other materials.

U of Illinois Tornado Researcher Frank Lombardo Appears on DesignSafe Radio
posted 10-01-18
DesignSafe Radio host Dan Zehner spoke with UIUC professor Frank Lombardo just ahead of Hurricane Florence about studying extreme wind events and the planned deployment to Wilmington, North Carolina.

SimCenter Welcomes Dr. Zsarnóczay to the Development Team
posted 09-25-18
The NHERI SimCenter is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Adam Zsarnóczay to the software development team through a postdoctoral position at Stanford University.

Report on the Mighty Super Typhoon Mangkhut
posted 09-25-18
Professor Ahsan Kareem of the University of Notre Dame provides a report on urban damage caused by Typhoon Mangkhut that ravaged the Philippines, Hong Kong, and China, at the same time Hurricane Florence was impacting the United States.

Hurricane Lane and the Hawaiian Islands
posted 09-12-18
Ian Robertson, professor of civil and environmental engineering and Arthur N.L. Chiu Distinguished Professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, prepared a summary of Hurricane Lane’s effects on the Hawaiian Islands.

NSF-NHERI Experts on Hurricanes and Storm Surge Available to Comment on Hurricane Florence
posted 09-10-18
Experts from the NSF-supported Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) are available to discuss hurricane and storm-surge damage, damage mitigation strategies, and storm surge predictions.

posted 08-31-18
To extend the NHERI portfolio and more fully connect it with the social science hazards and disaster research community, NSF has created a CONVERGE Facility through the CMMI 1841338 award at the University of Colorado Boulder Natural Hazards Center.

NSF-Funded RAPID Facility Available for Natural Hazards Reconnaissance on Sept. 1, 2018
posted 08-30-18
The NHERI RAPID facility, headquartered at the University of Washington, will be officially available starting September 1 to help the research community quickly gather field data when disaster strikes.

NSF Award Supports StEER Network
posted 08-27-18
The National Science Foundation has awarded a 2-year EAGER grant (CMMI 1841667) to the Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (StEER) Network.

EAGER Award to Study Complex Topology and Wind
posted 08-25-18
Motivated by the extensive damage to Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria's landfall in September 2017, researchers who recently received an EArly-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) will study how complex topography can accelerate wind and, ultimately, exacerbate damage to buildings and other constructed civil infrastructure.

Alipour to enhance resiliency of electrical power networks using NHERI FIU Wall of Wind
posted 08-23-18
Alice Alipour, assistant professor of civil, construction, and environmental engineering at Iowa State University, recently received the 2018 National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award.

Preventing Natural Hazards from Becoming Societal Disasters
posted 08-02-18
We may not be able to prevent hurricanes from occurring, but we can improve our ability to predict them, move people out of harm's way, respond quickly to their aftermath and build our homes and infrastructure in a way that can survive the worst nature can throw at us. DesignSafe is helping to do so.

SimCenter Welcomes 2018 REU Students
posted 07-18-18
The NHERI SimCenter is hosting three REU students at UC Berkeley this summer to promote education and research through internships in active research. These three students give their impressions on the experience.

Notre Dame's Kareem Elected to Chinese Academy of Engineering
posted 07-18-18
Ahsan Kareem, the Robert Moran Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, has been elected as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).

June Summer Institute
posted 07-11-18
At the 2018 Summer Institute in San Antonio, 21 funded participants and 71 total attendees enjoyed workshops on preparing NSF proposals and using NHERI facilities.

REU Students Posting EF Photos on Facebook
posted 07-11-18
Students participating in this summer's REU program are posting photos of daily life at their NHERI experimental facilities to the NHERI Facebook page for the whole community to enjoy.

Data From Recent Hurricane Seasons Available in the Data Depot
posted 07-05-18
Eight datasets have been published in the Data Depot documenting the coastal impacts from recent hurricane seasons. These datasets include field surveys of wind and flood damage to structures, coastal impacts to geotechnical systems, ADCIRC storm surge simulations, and measured wind loads on buildings.

SimCenter Welcomes Dr. Wang to the Development Team
posted 06-25-18
The NHERI SimCenter is pleased to announce Dr. Chaofeng ("Charles") Wang from Clemson University is joining their development team to work on uncertainty quantification and artificial intelligence.

DesignSafe Radio: True Calling as a Wind Engineer with Jennifer Bridge
posted 06-22-18
Dan Zehner interviews Jennifer Bridge about her career as a research engineer at the University of Florida and as the deputy director of the UF NHERI experimental facility. She discusses her past and current projects as well as other projects at the UF NHERI wind tunnel.

NHERI Hurricane Wind, Storm Surge Experts Available for Comment
posted 06-21-18
For the 2018 hurricane season, experts from NHERI are available to the media to discuss hurricane-related damage, hurricane damage mitigation, storm surge and coastal damage.

Wall of Wind Challenge Attracts Next Generation of Engineers
posted 06-19-18
The NHERI Wall of Wind facility at FIU hosted their annual challenge for local high school students. This year six schools participated to build aerodynamic models that could withstand winds of 50 mph.

DesignSafe Radio: Cold-Formed Steel and Shake Tables
posted 06-14-18
Earthquake engineer Kara Peterman talks about her love of applied science and how shake table facilities like the NHERI LH POST at UC San Diego build real world engineering experience for tackling natural disasters.

DesignSafe Radio: RPI Wind Engineers Study How Buildings Fail
posted 06-08-18
Dan Lander and Dan Moore talk to NHERI's Dan Zehner about their current interdisciplinary project at the NHERI Wall of Wind facility studying how buildings fail along their leading edges and give their advice to propsective wind engineers.

FIU and UW Organize Joint Workshop for Prospective Users
posted 06-05-18
Florida International University and the University of Washington hosted an NSF NHERI Users Workshop at the FIU Wall of Wind in May to provide prospective users with useful information about resources and services available at the NHERI WOW and RAPID EFs.

Zehner Honored at Large Facilities Workshop
posted 05-31-18
At the 2018 NSF Large Facilities Workshop, the NCO's Dan Zehner was honored for his contributions to the development of a National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) recommended Lessons Learned Model.

Another NSF Career Award at the NHERI-FIU Wall of Wind Experimental Facility
posted 05-24-18
Catherine Gorlé, assistant professor of civil and environment engineering at Stanford, has won an NSF CAREER Award to study wind hazards on buildings in urban environments at the NHERI Wall of Wind.

NHERI SimCenter Programming Bootcamp, July 30 – August 3
posted 05-18-18
The NHERI SimCenter will be hosting a bootcamp at the UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station for training researchers in civil engineering programming paradigms not covered in traditional civil engineering courses.

NHERI Leaders Present at 2018 ASCE-SEI Structures Congress
posted 05-07-18
A contingent of researchers from the NHERI NCO and several experimental facilities presented at the 2018 Structures Congress in Fort Worth, Texas, April 19-21, 2018.

Remembering Mete Sözen, 1930-2018
posted 04-27-18
Mete A. Sözen, Karl H. Kettelhut Distinguished Professor, Emeritus of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, died unexpectedly on April 5, 2018.

SimCenter Welcomes Nikhil Padhye to the Development Team
posted 04-27-18
The NHERI SimCenter is pleased to announce that Nikhil Padhye, PhD, has joined the software development team to work on optimizing and expanding their software capabilities.

Episode 37 | Society and Wind Engineering with David O. Prevatt
posted 04-26-18
Associate professor of civil and coastal engineering David O. Prevatt from the University of Florida discusses the social and practical problems disaster-prone communities face.

5th American Association for Wind Engineering (AAWE) Workshop Announced
posted 04-24-18
The American Association for Wind Engineering (AAWE) will be holding their 5th annual workshop August 12-14 at the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science on the University of Miami campus in the heart of Key Biscayne.

NSF CAREER Award to Improve Rotor Blade Performance at the NHERI Wall of Wind Facility
posted 04-12-18
With an NSF CAREER Award, UTSA assistant professor Victor Maldonaldo is studying rotor blade performance and how to improve the NHERI Wall of Wind facility at FIU.

NHERI's Annual User Satisfaction Survey
posted 04-11-18
The User Forum committee is conducting their annual survey of user satisfaction with the NHERI program and are asking everyone to participate by the deadline of Friday, April 20th.

What's New: Weekly News Service for Natural Hazards Engineering
posted 04-02-18
As a leading NSF-funded research organization, NHERI now provides a weekly email news service with the latest news and research in natural hazards every Monday.

Shaking Up the Classroom
posted 03-20-18
Graduate students at Purdue University have created a lesson plan for earthquake preparedness that engages the community with puzzles and challenges while delivering educational material.

SimCenter Programming Bootcamp
posted 03-20-18
This summer, the NHERI Center for Computational Modeling and Simulation (the SimCenter) presents a unique opportunity for learning programming tools tailored for the natural hazards engineering at UC Berkeley's Richmond Field Station.

Wall of Wind Receives 2018 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation
posted 03-06-18
The American Society for Civil Engineering (ASCE) has awarded the Wall of Wind at FIU the 2018 Charles Pankow Award as an outstanding organization for practicing innovative design, materials, and construction-related research and development.

NHERI SimCenter Leadership Transition
posted 02-22-18
With Professor Mahin’s recent passing, NSF has announced Professor Sanjay Govindjee from UC Berkeley as the SimCenter’s new PI.

Stephen A. Mahin passes away, February 10, 2018
posted 02-21-18
The SimCenter is saddened to learn of the passing of Stephen A. Mahin on February 10, 2018.

Register Now for NHERI's Annual Summer Institute
posted 02-15-18
The Summer Institute program at UTSA gives an introduction to natural hazards engineering and NHERI.

MSU Engineers Teach STEM Concepts — with Legos
posted 02-15-18
Kids will get a hands-on lesson about wind engineering at this year's USA Science and Engineering Festival.

Hybrid Simulation Goes Multi-Hazard
posted 02-15-18
The first MECHS workshop for hybrid simulation was held at the UCSD experimental facility in December 2017.

Episode 27 | Oldie But A Goodie - Commander Justin Kibbey Rebroadcast
posted 02-09-18
Do you ever wonder how meteorologists get their hurricane data? On today’s show, host Dan Zehner gets the answers from Commander Justin Kibbey, one of NOAA’s “hurricane hunter” pilots.

NHERI Experimental Facilities Collaborate on Steel Collector Research
posted 02-07-18
An award-winning team of researchers at the University of Arizona and partnering universities is working to develop buildings that will not collapse under the force of major earthquakes.

Collaboration Between NHERI Facilities: SimCenter and UC San Diego Implement Hybrid Shake Table Tests
posted 02-05-18
Hybrid simulations involving experimental substructures on the largest shake table in the U.S. were successfully completed through the collaborative effort of hybrid simulation experts from the NHERI SimCenter and UC San Diego Experimental Facility.

Episode 26 | Natural Climate Solutions Make A Difference
posted 02-02-18
Today, DesignSafe Radio host Dan Zehner talks with Joe Fargione, science director with The Nature Conservancy. The largest non-governmental organization in the world, The Nature Conservancy is also one of the first land trusts.

UTSA Study Examines Causes, Consequences of 2015 Wimberley, Texas Floods
posted 01-31-18
A new study by Chad Furl, postdoctoral research associate, and Hatim Sharif, professor of civil and environmental engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio, delves into the 2015 Wimberley, Texas floods that destroyed 350 homes and claimed 13 lives.

Episode 25 | World's Worst Weather On Mount Washington
posted 01-26-18
Today, DesignSafe Radio host Dan Zehner talks with Brian Fitzgerald, Director Of Education at the Mount Washington Observatory and scientist Mike Carman.

Morgan State University Introduces Baltimore Youth to Engineering
posted 01-22-18
On November 4, 2017, engineering student ambassadors from Morgan State University participated in the 2017 STEM Expo held at Morgan State, an historically black college and outreach partner with NHERI, which supports the ambassadors’ educational efforts.

Texas Tech Art Exhibit Based on Atmospheric Science
posted 01-16-18
Marcando el relámpago is a collaborative exhibition at the Museum of Texas Tech University. Running through January 28, the exhibit marks exchanges between an atmospheric scientist, Eric Bruning, and a visual artist, Tina Fuentes.