News Releases


04-26-24 | Release of the NHERI Decadal Visioning Study 2026-2035

04-18-24 | Sustainable Functional Recovery: A New Engineering Design Paradigm

03-18-24 | NHERI Science Plan, 3rd Edition: Key Updates on SimCenter, CONVERGE

03-11-24 | CONVERGE Training Modules Surpass 10,000 Users

02-06-24 | Opportunities to leverage CONVERGE in the NHERI Science Plan, Third Edition

01-11-24 | NHERI CONVERGE Releases Twelfth Training Module: Indigenous Sovereignty in Disasters



12-08-23 | NHERI CONVERGE Reciprocity Training Module Now Available in French

12-04-23 | NHERI Network at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco

11-08-23 | NHERI Science Plan: A Guide for Future Research in Natural Hazards Engineering

10-20-23 | NHERI's SimCenter PBE Application Now Integrates Functional Recovery Simulations

08-23-23 | NHERI Research Leads to Technology-Transfer Successes

07-13-23 | DesignSafe Radio Podcast: Hurricane-Proofing Low-Rise Roofs

05-05-23 | Media: Advisory May 9 Seismic Test of NHERI Tallwood at UC San Diego

04-18-23 | DesignSafe Radio: UNC Engineer Stephanie Pilkington on Natural Hazards Data Reconnaissance

04-12-23 | Excitement Builds for Seismic Test of NHERI Tallwood at UC San Diego

03-15-23 | NHERI CONVERGE Releases New Training Module: Positionality in Hazards and Disaster Research and Practice(opens a new window)



12-04-22 | Natural Hazards Network Exhibiting at 2022 AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)

11-09-22 | Japanese Institute Honors NHERI at Oregon State University Wave Lab for Research, Disaster Prevention Work(opens a new window)

10-04-22 | Nation's Top Natural Hazards Experts Available for Comment During Research Summit(opens a new window)

07-01-21 | NSF Director Visits the World's Largest Experimental Earthquake Infrastructure Facility(opens a new window)

06-12-21 | UH Grant-Supported Research to Focus on Tsunami Damage Caused by Debris(opens a new window)

04-18-22 | NHERI RAPID Facility Receives $6M Renewal Grant(opens a new window)

04-15-22 | New NHERI CONVERGE Training Module: Public Health Implications of Hazards and Disaster Research(opens a new window)

02-02-22 | FIU Receives $12.8M NSF Grant to Design an Extreme Wind, Surge and Wave Testing Facility(opens a new window)

02-02-22 | New NHERI CONVERGE Training Module on Reciprocity in Hazards and Disaster Research(opens a new window)

01-26-22 | NHERI SimCenter Community Meeting: Wrap-up and Videos(opens a new window)



12-10-21 | Visit NHERI Booth at 2021 AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)

10-18-21 | Best Practices for Extreme Events Research: NHERI CONVERGE Check Sheets(opens a new window)

10-18-21 | NHERI Facilities Support Research in New NSF Climate Change Initiative(opens a new window)

10-01-21 | NSF Renews $5M Natural Hazards Engineering Network Based in Purdue’s Discovery Park(opens a new window)

09-24-21 | NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility Expands Capabilities for Cyber-Physical Testing(opens a new window)

09-17-21 | NHERI SimCenter Awarded NSF Renewal to Facilitate Research and Improve the Understanding of Risks to Communities(opens a new window)

08-31-21 | NHERI CONVERGE Resources in the Classroom: The Training Module Assignment Bank(opens a new window)

08-31-21 | NHERI RAPID Supports Reconnaissance Mission in Surfside, Florida(opens a new window)

07-29-21 | Latest NHERI CONVERGE training module: Collecting and Sharing Perishable Data(opens a new window)

07-27-21 | NHERI at University of Florida now simulates transient wind events(opens a new window)

07-18-21 | Annotated Bibliographies Now Complement CONVERGE Training Modules(opens a new window)

06-25-21 | Machine Learning Aids Earthquake Risk Prediction(opens a new window)

06-18-21 | 2021 DesignSafe Dataset Awardee | Christchurch Earthquake Damage Mystery Spurs Research(opens a new window)

05-27-21 | CONVERGE Training Modules Now Offer Continuing Education Credits(opens a new window)

05-25-21 | 2021 DesignSafe Dataset Awardee | On the Level with Hurricane Matthew(opens a new window)

05-20-21 | Envisioning Safe Cities with Artificial Intelligence(opens a new window)

04-08-21 | NHERI CONVERGE Releases 7th Training Module: Broader Ethical Considerations for Hazards and Disaster Researchers(opens a new window)

03-24-21 | National Institute of Building Sciences Recognizes William Holmes for Public Safety Leadership(opens a new window)

03-11-21 | Understanding and Ending Gender-based Violence in Fieldwork(opens a new window)

03-05-21 | NHERI SimCenter Releases Updated Report on Computational Simulation(opens a new window)

01-22-21 | Ahsan Kareem Receives International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering(opens a new window)

01-20-21 | Built Environment Exacerbating COVID-10 Pandemic, Researchers Say(opens a new window)

01-08-21 | Major Upgrades Underway at the World's Largest Outdoor Shake Table(opens a new window)



12-09-20 | NSF's Joy Pauschke to Speak During 2020 AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)

12-08-20 | Novel Data Model Available for Field Research in Natural Hazards(opens a new window)

11-20-20 | Natural Hazards Researchers Offer Networking Sessions at 2020 AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)

11-12-20 | Disaster Database Cemented as Go-To Hub for Natural Hazards Research(opens a new window)

11-03-20 | NHERI Publishes Milestone Research Collection(opens a new window)

09-30-20 | NSF-Funded CONVERGE Releases New Training Module: Conducting Emotionally Challenging Research(opens a new window)

09-24-20 | NSF EAGER Grant to Reexamine Hazard Mitigation During COVID-19 Pandemic(opens a new window)

09-04-20 | After Hurricane Laura, Recon Teams Capture Perishable Data(opens a new window)

08-24-20 | 2020 Hurricane Season: NSF-Funded Experts Available for Comment(opens a new window)

08-21-20 | Smallegan Awarded 2020 Early Career Fellowship by National Academies' Gulf Research Program(opens a new window)

07-10-20 | NSF, NIST Team Up on Disaster Resilience Research Grant(opens a new window)

06-18-20 | NSF-Funded CONVERGE Releases Institutional Review Board Training Module for Extreme Events Research(opens a new window)

06-03-20 | NHERI virtual workshop slated for early career faculty(opens a new window)

03-30-20 | NSF-funded CONVERGE offers awards for COVID-19 social science research(opens a new window)

01-13-20 | NSF-funded Science Plan for natural hazards mitigation released by NHERI(opens a new window)



12-11-19 | NHERI RAPID Joins DUNEX Pilot(opens a new window)

11-13-19 | NSF-funded CONVERGE Releases Social Vulnerability Training for Extreme Events Researchers(opens a new window)

11-11-19 | NSF-supported Natural Hazards Cyberinfrastructure Provides Tools, Data, Education(opens a new window)

07-15-19 | SimCenter Releases New Research Tool: WE-UQ(opens a new window)

07-10-19 | After Ridgecrest Earthquakes, NSF-funded Researchers Spearhead Reconnaissance, Data Collection(opens a new window)

06-01-19 | 2019 Hurricane Season: NSF-Funded Natural Hazards Experts Available for Comment(opens a new window)

03-14-19 | New Report on Essential Simulations Advances Natural Hazards Mitigation(opens a new window)



10-17-18 | World's Largest Outdoor Shake Table Receives $16.3 Million from NSF for Upgrades(opens a new window)

09-10-18 | NSF-NHERI Experts on Hurricanes and Storm Surge Available to Comment on Hurricane Florence(opens a new window)

08-30-18 | NSF-Funded RAPID Facility Available for Natural Hazards Reconnaissance on Sept. 1, 2018(opens a new window)

06-21-18 | NHERI Hurricane Wind, Storm Surge Experts Available for Comment(opens a new window)

05-28-18 | Another NSF CAREER Award at the NHERI-FIU Wall of Wind Experimental Facility(opens a new window)

04-26-18 | DesignSafe Radio: Wind Engineering David O. Prevatt on Hazard-Prone Communities(opens a new window)

03-06-18 | Wall of Wind Receives 2018 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation(opens a new window)

02-22-18 | NHERI SimCenter Leadership Transition (opens a new window)