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SimCenter Researchers at the UC San Diego Shake Table Facility(opens a new window)
posted 12-21-22 | NHERI SimCenter developers demonstrated ways SC software tools benefit researchers before and after laboratory tests.

Towers in the Storm(opens a new window)
posted 12-21-22 | Hurricane-force winds effect on electric transmission towers data wins 2022 DesignSafe Dataset Award

SimCenter REU Researcher Presents at AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)
posted 12-19-22 | Mitchell Givens, 2022 SimCenter REU, presented his research at the AGU Fall Meeting held December 12-16, 2022, in Chicago, Illinois.

NHERI Hackathon 2022(opens a new window)
posted 12-07-22 | The SimCenter provided an exciting opportunity to improve knowledge of NHERI resources and DesignSafe/SimCenter tools, discover new research workflows and explore exciting research areas.

Natural Hazards Network Exhibiting at 2022 AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)
posted 12-04-22 | Representatives from NHERI, the NSF-funded Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, will be available to answer questions about the network’s experimental facilities

New Wave-Maker Installed at NHERI OSU(opens a new window)
posted 12-02-22 | In October, the NHERI at OSU Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory installed a new wave-generating machine—a removable, elevated-hinge wave maker—they have been calling "The Flap."

NHERI RAPID Helps Preserve Sensitive NJ Wetlands(opens a new window)
posted 12-01-22 | The NHERI RAPID and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) flew the Trinity F90 UAV during a recent wetland mapping project in New Jersey, critical to mapping these notoriously difficult terrains.

Japanese Institute Honors NHERI at Oregon State University Wave Lab for Research, Disaster Prevention Work(opens a new window)
posted 11-09-22 | Japan’s Port and Airport Research Institute has conferred its annual Hamaguchi Award on Oregon State University's O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory for its contributions to the understanding of tsunamis and other coastal hazards and for its disaster prevention work.

NHERI at UTexas T-Rex Slated to Image Kilauea Volcano(opens a new window)
posted 10-07-22 | Supporting NSF-funded research in seismic tomography, the NHERI at UTexas mobile shaker team in collaboration with USGS is shipping the T-Rex vehicle to image Kilauea Volcano on the island of Hawai'i.

Storm Wave Sentinels(opens a new window)
posted 10-04-22 | Dataset measuring full-scale tsunami wave attenuation in mangrove forest wins 2022 DesignSafe Dataset Award.

Nation's Top Natural Hazards Experts Available for Comment During Research Summit(opens a new window)
posted 10-04-22 | Members of the media are invited to interview natural hazards researchers gathered at the 2022 Natural Hazards Research Summit, taking place in the Washington, DC, area on October 6 and 7.

When Extreme Events Strike(opens a new window)
posted 09-29-22 | Hurricane Ian is bearing down upon the Florida peninsula, and members of the NHERI community are already on the ground and preparing to gather reconnaissance data on this dangerous extreme weather event.

After Yellowstone Flood, Research Engineers Conduct Post-Disaster Reconnaissance(opens a new window)
posted 09-16-22 | On June 12, extreme flooding tore through Yellowstone National Park. Shortly after, a team of engineers arrived to document how geostructures like dams and bridge foundations held up, or didn't, during the flooding.

Piles Inspired by Snakeskin(opens a new window)
posted 08-25-22 | Can age-old, naturally selected biological designs help solve modern engineering problems? Engineers in the field of biogeotechnics think so. Research engineers at NHERI UC Davis look to nature for new ways to strengthen the built environment.

Key Upgrade at the NHERI OSU Wave Laboratory(opens a new window)
posted 08-23-21 | Researchers at the Oregon State University now have access to a submersible force balance plate for use in the Large Wave Flume or Directional Wave Basin.

Another Successful NHERI Summer Institute(opens a new window)
posted 08-01-22 | This year, 18 early-career researchers and four K-12 teachers attended the NHERI Summer Institute in San Antonio, Texas, to learn about the NHERI network and to get hands-on sessions in NSF grant proposal writing.

Real-World Networking for NHERI REU Students(opens a new window)
posted 07-25-22 | The NHERI ECO team kicked off the 2022 REU season by introducing undergraduate researchers to the fundamentals of using social media as academics and research professionals.

DesignSafe Enhancements & New Features(opens a new window)
posted 07-05-22 | The DesignSafe team is pleased to announce many new website enhancements to facilitate your research with the Data Depot and Workspace.

Bridges Under Pressure(opens a new window)
posted 07-06-22 | 2022 DesignSafe Dataset Awardee | Scientists at the University of California (UC), Davis have compiled the most detailed experimental data yet seen on how liquefaction-induced downdrag can add to the structural load applied to a pile foundation during earthquake shaking.

NHERI at Florida International University Takes Center Stage at the Eye of the Storm Event(opens a new window)
posted 07-01-22 | A scale-model of the Wall of Wind was just one of the exciting exhibits at the FIU-sponsored Eye of the Storm event at the Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS) in Fort Lauderdale. This annual educational event prepares the South Florida community for hurricane season.

FIU Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge Inspires Next Generation of Engineers(opens a new window)
posted 07-01-22 | In the annual Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge, teams of high school students are challenged to develop innovative wind mitigation concepts that stand up to wind loads from the Wall of Wind.

UH Grant-Supported Research to Focus on Tsunami Damage Caused by Debris(opens a new window)
posted 06-12-22 | A four-year NSF grant will support a University of Hawai'i scientist investigating how the accumulation of debris piles up against buildings as tsunami water rushes inland.

Feeling the Heat(opens a new window)
posted 06-03-22 | 2022 DesignSafe Dataset Awardee | Personal exposure to heat is an environmental hazard that might not make the same headlines as hurricanes or wildfires. But its effects are devastating. On average, about 658 people die each year in the U.S. from heat-related illness such as heat stroke, not to mention the unreported cases of heat exhaustion.

NHERI SimCenter Software: New Features Added in Major Releases and an Update(opens a new window)
posted 05-02-22 | The NHERI SimCenter has released major updates to its quoFEM, EE-UQ, and R2D applications. The SimCenter team worked with NHERI DesignSafe to migrate these software deployments to Frontera, the world's 13th fastest computer, which means your cloud-enabled job should run 10 times faster.

NHERI RAPID Facility Receives $6M Renewal Grant(opens a new window)
posted 04-18-22 | The National Science Foundation has renewed the University of Washington-based reconnaissance equipment and training center, NHERI RAPID.

New NHERI CONVERGE Training Module: Public Health Implications of Hazards and Disaster Research(opens a new window)
posted 04-15-22 | The latest CONVERGE Training Module offers original content and case studies that highlight the public health implications of research on hazards and disasters.

Moving Natural Hazards Research into Practice: A Success Story(opens a new window)
posted 04-11-22 | In this Q&A, University of Kansas researcher Elaina Sutley discusses elements of successful tech transfer from basic research to ASCE 7 adoption

NHERI Graduate Student Council: Spring '22 Happenings(opens a new window)
posted 04-07-22 | The NHERI Graduate Student Council was created as voice for graduate students in hazards engineering, and its members have begun to form working groups to contribute to the NHERI community.

Testbed Shakedown on the NHERI UC San Diego Shake Table(opens a new window)
posted 04-04-22 | In April and May, the first project to run on the remodeled LHPOST6 will shake and characterize a brand-new NHERI community resource: a full-scale, modular, steel-framed test structure.

From NHERI Research to Engineering Practice(opens a new window)
posted 02-25-22 | The NHERI NCO’s Technical Transfer Committee exists to ensure NHERI-affiliated researchers, especially early-career researchers, have the information and support they need to design implementable projects and shepherd their work into application.

FIU Receives $12.8M NSF Grant to Design an Extreme Wind, Surge and Wave Testing Facility(opens a new window)
posted 02-02-22 | NSF has awarded $12.8M to Florida International University’s Extreme Events Institute to support the design of a national full-scale testing facility capable of wind, storm surge, and wave action.

New NHERI CONVERGE Training Module on Reciprocity in Hazards and Disaster Research(opens a new window)
posted 02-02-22 | The latest CONVERGE training module provides practical guidance for how researchers can give back to affected people and communities.

New Initiative Trains Undergrads in Engineering Education(opens a new window)
posted 02-02-22 | In its 2022 REU program, the NHERI at University of Florida facility will train an REU student engineering education, a first in the NHERI community.

NHERI Graduate Student Council Election Results, January 2022(opens a new window)
posted 02-02-22 | Election results are in for the 2022 NHERI Graduate Student Council Leaders. See the results for officers and working group chairs on the NGSC leadership page.

Introducing the New NHERI Facility Scheduling Dashboard(opens a new window)
posted 02-02-22 | Responding to feedback from facility managers, network governance groups, and users, the NHERI Network Coordination Office has created a new version of the Facility Scheduling Dashboard application.

NHERI SimCenter Community Meeting: Wrap-up and Videos(opens a new window)
posted 01-26-22 | During the recent NHERI SimCenter Community Meeting, more than 170 attendees joined breakout sessions on topics such as building inventory and AI, regional simulations, climate change and inland flooding.

NHERI-Affiliated Structural Extreme Event Reconnaissance Team Releases Report on December 2021 Tornado Outbreak(opens a new window)
posted 01-05-22 | StEER immediately issued a Level 3 response to this event, activating its VAST and FAST groups to produce a joint Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report-Early Access Reconnaissance Report (PVRR-EARR).

NHERI Booth Shines at AGU Fall Meeting(opens a new window)
posted 01-04-22 | Thanks to some engaging, hands-on exhibits, visitors to NHERI's booth at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting got a unique introduction to our network’s capabilities.

We Can Build Homes to Survive Tornadoes Like Kentucky Suffered, We Just Haven't.(opens a new window)
posted 01-04-22 | Community perspective from David O. Prevatt, professor of wind engineering at the University of Florida, and co-PI and associate director of the NSF-funded Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (StEER) Network.

Fiber Optic Sensing Now Available from NHERI@Texas(opens a new window)
posted 01-04-22 | The NHERI at University of Texas Mobile Shaker experimental facility has acquired a new fiber-optic sensing system that is already helping the Army Corps of Engineers.